Pneumatic Hammer tools

A wide range of Pneumatic Tools for use in most manufacturers types of hammers. The range includes
Forged Shank Breaker Tools, Pick Hammer Tools and Chipping Hammer Tools.

Forged Shank Tools:
Range from 19 x 50mm (3/4" x 2") hexagonal shank up to 32 x 160mm (1.1/4" x 6.1/4") hexagonal shank.

Pick Hammer Tools:
Includes hexagonal / round shank, square shank, round shank and tapered shank.

Chipping Hammer Tools:
Includes hexagonal/round shanks, round shanks etc.

All Pneumatic Tools available with a range of alternative working ends including Moil Points, Chisels,
Asphalt Cutters, Wide Chisels, Tarmac Cutters, Clay Spades, Digger Steels, Tamping Pads, Speedibust
Points, Plugs and Feathers.

Manufactured to fit most popular makes of hammers including:-